Hospitality and Travel Solutions



After years of offering our car rental services and going out of our way to assist our clientele with the travel and hospitality services, we have finally expanded and now ventured in a new business called as 'Speedways Hospitality & Travel Solutions Pvt Ltd'

About us:

After being established and renowned in the car rental sector as ‘Speedways Rent A Car Pvt Ltd’, we thought of taking a step further and venturing in the Hospitality & Travel sector on clients demand and a thought to offer end to end service solutions. “Speedways Hospitality & Travel Solutions Pvt Ltd” gives us an opportunity to offer so much to our clientele that they need not look elsewhere for their travel and concierge services. We offer plethora of services like travel and business visa, travel insurance, concierge services, apart from these we also make hotel bookings and assist you in shortlisting and selecting hotels of your choice.


We believe in quality and there is absolutely no compromise when it comes to the quality of service we offer. We offer a wide range of services that are easy to avail and are highly cost-effective. Read through the list of services we offer.

Hotel Reservations

While you are on a business or leisure trip, we assist you in booking the hotel accommodation and help you with other concierge services. We ensure that the deal is worth the price and you look no further but rely on us to do the needful for you in the future as well.We believe in keeping things simple, transparent and worth. For us at Speedways Hospitality and Travels Solutions Pvt Ltd, happy customers are like the driving force that helps us go an extra mile and exceed their expectations.

Travel/ Business Visa

Getting a Travel/ Business visa has never been so easy. We at Speedways Hospitality & Travel Solutions Pvt Ltd make this process far easier for you. All you need to do is contact us submit all the mandatory documents and we will do the rest for you. Our team is available to help at any given point of time.

Travel Insurance

A trip cannot be complete unless you have your travel insurance done. Be it a domestic or international trip. Our team is always there to help you and get your insurance done at the earliest.

Air Ticket (International/Domestic)

What else can you wish for when you have a company that assists you in planning your over all trip. Right from booking your tickets to hotel stay, travel insurance and visa, we do it all.